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You could choose the usual catering treats for your next corporate event, or you could take it to the next level with our luxury chocolate bon bons.  Everyone is guaranteed to love them and they literally ooze sophistication.  Choose them to complement a normal meal as a dessert or for walk around treats.  If you are finding it hard to come up with the next conversation topic while networking, never fear you can just comment on how incredible the chocolate balls look and taste!  Problem solved.

We have a wide selection to match your business or event then deliver them on time ready to serve.  For example, our chocolates make an amazing welcome gift to guests staying at your hotel.  We can keep you regularly stocked and ready to impress.  Our chocolate bonbon make incredible treats during conferences or meetings when everyone needs a little kick of energy to finish strong.  An assortment box of luxury bon bon chocolates also makes the perfect corporate gift.  Nothing says ‘thank you very much’ like a box of incredible chocolate gifts.  A box of our scrumptious chocolate bonbons is a gift that is not easily forgotten.


Incredibly tasty & beautiful

A perfect corporate gift or treat

Our luxury chocolate bonbon gifts are perfect for your next company conference or get-together.  Also if your trying to impress a client or reward an employee a chocolate box is a great show of appreciation.  With 24 different unique and interesting flavours it is easy to satisfy anyone.  Choose from our various chocolate assortment boxes that suit the occasion.  Contact us now and we will organize the rest.

Delivered to your event on time

Boxes of 6 | Assorted box of 12 | Assorted box of 18 | Assorted box of 24

Perfect For Meetings & Events
  • Appreciation Events
  • Seminars And Conferences
  • Company Milestones
  • Product Launch
  • Team Building Events
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Incredible chocolate bonbon boxes guaranteed to Impress and satisfy

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