Luxury Chocolate Bonbon Box Delivered Monthly

Very convenient & very tasty

A real chocolate lover needs chocolate on a regular basis.  Let the best online chocolate shop in New Zealand sort you out. Our monthly chocolate box subscription service is so convenient and easy to sign up for.  Get chocolate bon bons (bite sized chocolate balls) delivered right to your door every month for you to enjoy.  You could drive to the shops and get a normal box of chocolates, or choose the better option: get a box of 36 luxury chocolate bon bon treats delivered monthly.  They should hold you down for at least a week, but then again, we can’t guarantee that as these chocolates are so tasty you might not be able to stop once you get going.  Get them delivered every week if you want, just let us know and we can make every subscription period tailored to you!  Every month we switch up the bonbon flavours to keep your chocolate assortment box fresh and unique.

36 Moments Of Pure Satisfaction

6 New Flavours Delivered Every Month

8-10g per piece

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Easy Set Up

  • Click the add to cart button
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  • We will set up & confirm your monthly billing and delivery by email
  • Sit back & enjoy your blissful box of bonbon chocolates

Exceptional Chocolate

Enjoy The Chocolate Of The Month

Our chocolate bon bon treats are produced with the world’s finest Belgium chocolate and absolutely no preservatives.  Using only the freshest New Zealand sourced ingredients like berries and essential oils from Christchurch the difference in taste is obvious.  Get a varying selection of 6 different flavours, and 36 pieces, conveniently delivered monthly to your door to enjoy.

Luxury Belgium Chocolate Base

We chose the finest Belgium chocolate to work with.  Made in one of the oldest cocoa roasteries in the world, with sustainable beans sourced from Western Africa, you can be assured of quality.  The cooking process uses low slow heat to lock in amazing aromas and flavours.  No harmful preservatives are used to make our chocolate bonbons, they are meant to be eaten and enjoyed while fresh and tasty, so get to it!

Hand Crafted With Love

We begin by sourcing only the best quality beans and ingredients, ensuring our high quality standards are reached.  We use natural top quality ingredients likes essential oils from Christchurch and tasty fresh berries.  Each chocolate bonbon is carefully wrapped in dark or white chocolate and then artistically enhanced with beautiful colours.

Visual Perfection

Once the inner delights of the chocolate bonbon are created a lot of time and effort goes into creating the visual masterpiece you enjoy.  Using gorgeous colours applied with sprays and brush strokes, the chocolate bonbon looks incredible even before you eat them.  This wonderful aesthetic helps to enhance the whole experience.  Try them today.

Wow these chocolates were yummy! The flavours were very unique, my favorite was the rhubarb and lime. I am afraid I am hooked now and will have to send a box to mum. Thanks chocolate studio.

David FBox of 6 Hearts

I am quite addicted to chocolate and have tried almost every brand on the market, none of them compare to these. You can taste the difference and its very hard to stop eating them.

Mary ABox of 12 assorted

I started off trying the smaller boxes then realized I need these chocolates monthly. They are my late night treat after a long day and go very well with my glass of red.

Hiroe HMonthly box of 36 delivered

Thanks chocolate studio I am in chocolate heaven! The raspberry bon bon is something special, I've got all my friends on to you guys now.

Christy WBox of 18 assortment