Chocolate Studio

A Story Of Luxury Chocolate Bonbon

Starting with the world class Belgium chocolate we use, through to making our chocolate bonbons visually stunning, the entire production process is meticulous and controlled.  We pride ourselves on offering New Zealanders a truly all natural luxury chocolate bon bon with no preservatives or cheap fillers.  The end product is meant to be devoured in ecstasy, not sit on a shelf somewhere waiting to be bought.  Not only will your taste buds notice the difference but your stomach will too!

Our cooking process is slow, with low heat to really lock the flavour into each chocolate bonbon, and keep the taste unique and sharp.  Speaking of flavours, we have some absolutely unique combinations that will have your taste buds zinging with pleasure.  These unique flavours are sourced from all natural ingredients found only locally here in New Zealand.  For example we use essential oils from Christchurch to add that special aroma that can carry a flavour even further than you thought was possible.  From the moment the chocolate bon bon hits your mouth to long after you have already swallowed it, the symphony of tastes and aromas evolve and mix together.  What are you waiting for, give them a try today.

Head Chocolatier

A creative master of the chocolate arts.

Our head chef has been creating white & dark chocolate bon bons and other artisan treats for decades. Being head chef for a renowned Auckland french pastry company for many years has sharpened his already excellent cooking skills and knowledge. Bringing this inspiration and experience to the Chocolate Studio ensured amazing results. Our head chocolatier recognized a gap in the New Zealand market for an all natural and luxury chocolate bonbon brand with absolutely no preservatives and hence the Chocolate Studio was born. Taking only the best of the traditional chocolate cooking process then adding his own unique methods, like slow cooking on low heat, he has produced an impressive range of flavours and visually stunning chocolate bonbon. Order them today from our online chocolate shop and enjoy the difference.

All chocolates are not created equal

Its about the fresh NZ ingredients and our cooking method

Fresh NZ berries, rich and natural essential oils produced in Christchurch and quality Belgium chocolate ensure an unparalleled taste difference. The only way we can really convince you is if you try a few! Once you've experienced are designer chocolate bonbons you can never go back.

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No preservatives

Made to be eaten, not stored.


Our special cooking method allows us to keep preservatives out of our chocolate bon bons so you can be assured the only thing your eating is the all natural NZ ingredients wrapped in a beautiful shell of white & dark chocolate.  Inside you will find ingredients like fresh NZ berries, fresh vegetable essences and essential oils from Christchurch.  Our small  boutique chocolate factory uses very clean and modern production practices that ensure a superior product.

Cooked on low heat

Locking innutrients & flavours.


Our chocolate bon bons are cooked slow with low heat so the flavours and nutrients are enhanced not changed or ruined.  Our clean and modern facilities ensure food safety throughout the production process.  When you bite into one of them you will notice the difference immediately.  We have spent a long time mixing and testing various ingredient combinations to bring you some truly inspired and unique flavours within our chocolate balls.

Luxury Chocolate Bon Bon Production

Our signature cooking method

Painting 1:59

Our luxury chocolate cooking process: Step 1: Painting

Casting 0:28

Our luxury chocolate cooking process: Step 2: Casting

Filling 1:53

Our luxury chocolate cooking process: Step 3: Filling

Demoulding 0:58

Our luxury chocolate cooking process: Step 4: Demoulding

Wow these chocolates were yummy! The flavours were very unique, my favorite was the rhubarb and lime. I am afraid I am hooked now and will have to send a box to mum. Thanks chocolate studio.

David FBox of 6 Hearts

I am quite addicted to chocolate and have tried almost every brand on the market, none of them compare to these. You can taste the difference and its very hard to stop eating them.

Mary ABox of 12 assorted

I started off trying the smaller boxes then realized I need these chocolates monthly. They are my late night treat after a long day and go very well with my glass of red.

Hiroe HBox of 36 monthly subscription

Thanks chocolate studio I am in chocolate heaven! The raspberry bon bon is something special, I've got all my friends on to you guys now.

Christy WBox of 18 assortment

Ready for your luxury chocolate bonbon treat?